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*The column labeled Bust does not refer to your bra strap size. It refers to the measurement taken around your torso at the fullest part of your breast while wearing your best fitting bra. A helpful tip to determine this quickly is to take your bra strap size and add these measurements based on your cup size: A-add 1" B-add 2" C-add 3" D-add 4" DD-add 5" DDD-add 6"



Bust: Wearing your best fitting bra loop a tape measure around your chest at the fullest point of your breast. The tape measure should be snug but not tight making sure to keep it level all the way around.

Bra Strap: Wearing your best fitting bra loop a tape measure around your chest just under your arm pits and above the top of your breast. If the number is odd round up to the nearest even number. The tape measure should be snug but not tight.

Cup Size: Subtract the measurement you got for your Bra Strap from the measurement you got of your Bust as described above. If the difference is up to 1" your cup size is an A, up to 2" your cup size is B, up to 3" your cup size is C, up to 4" your cup size is D, up to 5" your cup size is DD or E, up to 6" your cup size is DDD or F.

Waist: Measure around your normal waist, where the waist band of a good fitting pair of pants/skirt normally sits, making sure not to pull the tape measure too snugly.

Hips: Depending on height this is around 4-5 inches below your waist. Again make sure not to pull the tape measure to snugly.

Tips On Getting The Best Fit

When deciding on a size to order it is best to look at the fit of the garment. See where the garment is the most form fitting and choose a size which matches your own personal measurements at that area. If a garment is relatively loose fitting this is not as important as when a garment has a more body contouring design. If your measurements put you on the high end of a size it is usually best to order the next size up.

Bustiers and Corsets


Fitting these items can sometimes be tricky so please read the tips listed here to get the best fit. These items are similar to bras but without a specific cup size, so when ordering either of these types of garments the Size column refers to your bra strap size.

If your cup size is larger than the cup size listed for your bra strap size in the chart it is best to order the next size up. For instance if your bra size is 42DDD instead of ordering a 42 the best fit would be accomplished by ordering a 44 instead.

Corsets are usually designed with either a lace up back or stretch material to allow you to fit it to your body shape.


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