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  • Get Your Spa On

    Thursday 16th February 2006

    Can you believe the weather this week? Especially if you live in the Northeast you know what I?m talking about. Snow! Granted it is winter. Still, unless you are going for the gold in the Olympics, you likely prefer mild and moderate weather. So how do you get your fix when the snow is up to your knees and climbing? You gather up a few of your best friends and head to your nearest spa. Consider it a best friend spa getaway. It gives you all a chance to catch up on your busy lives, pamper yourselves for a bit and most importantly, get out of that cold. But what if the weather is just too frightful? Should you resign yourself

  • Quick Ideas to Reconnect

    Thursday 9th February 2006

    Take a Class How about signing up for a class together? One weekend a month, you pick the other?s interest and spend that time reconnecting while also learning something new about your partner. You can do anything from taking a dancing, pottery, cooking or a home improvement class. You?ll go home happy while gaining a skill to boot. Get Natural The weather is cool, so hiking may be out of the question, but you can always rent a cabin in the woods. There?s something about being outdoors, in fresh air, that can never be wrong. You just can?t get more romantic than being in natural beauty, watching the starts in a clear night sky or lolling around a crackling fire. There?s No Place Like

  • Just for men

    Wednesday 1st February 2006

    Today?s post is for the men, because I know you all read this site too. Guess what holiday is fast approaching. You know it don?t you? Of course you do. You see the commercials 100 times a day. The bears, the flowers, the diamonds. It is February 1st and you have 13 days till Valentines Day. Now, this gift idea may be a tad too late to pull off, but I don?t doubt the resourcefulness of our male readers to make it happen. This year, forget the dinner out, take your lady to the spa! If time permits, it can be a quick weekend getaway or if you are really rolling in dough, fly her across country for a true getaway.

  • Spa’Tacular

    Thursday 12th January 2006

    Getting away from it all is a great thing to do. Just you and your partner taking time out to relax and regain yourself for the week ahead is very important. You need to find a great place to stay, and some very great things to do, and what can be better than a luxury spa weekend? Spas are fantastic places to go, they offer the best in luxury service and romantic, relaxing getaways. You will find that a luxury spa weekend is a little bit more expensive than you average weekend getaway. You can visit or your local travel agent and they will provide you with a list of spas that have great deals and that are most