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  • Pamper Yourself with Luxurious Lingerie

    Wednesday 30th November 2005

    Luxurious lingerie is pampering and comfortable. It embraces you in its delicate touch, and makes you feel absolutely special. There are many ways to enjoy luxurious lingerie. You could wear a magnificent bra and panties set, or slip set under your clothes to feel pampered and confident all day. You could slip into a luxurious lingerie robe after a hard day, or wear a lush nightgown or pajama set to bed to have that elegant feeling all night. Luxurious lingerie can be made out of many different fabrics. The most luxurious are silk and satin, but occasionally you can find an elegant velvety piece. Sometimes, a big fluffy bath robe will feel like luxury to you. Wrapping yourself in its

  • Add Some Classic Lace Lingerie to Your Closet

    Sunday 27th November 2005

    Lace lingerie is a fantastic way to add excitement and sensuality to your lingerie collection. There is a wide variety of lace lingerie available; from panties and bras, to nightgowns and robes, to corsets and garters. Pieces can be all lace, mostly lace, have a little lace, or are accentuated with lace. Many people enjoy lace lingerie for its classic style and sensuality, but sometimes you can find a trendier piece of lace lingerie. Depending on the size of the holes in the lace of a piece of lace lingerie, it can allow a little bit of skin to peek through or a lot of skin to peek through. Some lace lingerie has a layer underneath the lace layer so

  • Holiday Intimate Lingerie

    Monday 14th November 2005

    Not all lingerie is created equal. When you need more than just your average bra and panties set, look into a great piece of more intimate lingerie. Intimate lingerie can make you feel a little sexier during your next romantic encounter, or it can really spice up your night. Intimate lingerie comes in a variety of styles to suit every taste. There is very refined and elegant lingerie, and there is saucy lingerie. If you?re a little shy, but still want a sexy change, go with a simpler, less wild piece. Simple pieces of intimate lingerie are still very enticing. They are still made with the same sexy, special fabrics, they still make you feel great, and they

  • Feel Like a Star With Glamour Lingerie

    Thursday 10th November 2005

    Glamour lingerie is made to be special, sensual, and stylish. Many people wear glamour lingerie only for special occasions, and some enjoy it all the time. Glamour lingerie can be anything from panties and bras, to corsets or nightgowns. There are even designer stockings made to look like the glamorous stockings of the Thirties and Forties. Any type of lingerie you can think of, there is usually a piece of glamour lingerie like it. Glamour lingerie is very popular as nightgowns and robes. The elaborate designs and special fabrics bring an extraordinary feel to your night. Wearing glamour lingerie to bed or around the house makes you feel like a star. You do not need to save it for a

  • French Lingerie, an Elegant Way to Pamper

    Tuesday 8th November 2005

    Just like French fashion, many people consider French lingerie to be the best of the best. The basics of French fashion and design shows through to its lingerie, and the richness and elaborate embellishments are desired world wide. A lot of French lingerie that is bought shipped out of France and sold in stores and boutiques all over the world. It is sold in both large chains, and smaller stores or boutiques. Sometimes, those who can afford to travel to France, go there to buy French lingerie at its source. There are several stores and boutiques in France that specialize in unique pieces of French lingerie. Many see this as the best way to find le creme de la

  • Enjoy the Luxury of European Lingerie

    Monday 7th November 2005

    European lingerie is considered by some to be the best lingerie. The term European lingerie brings to mind thoughts of luxury, lavishness, and indulgence. European lingerie can be made of any fabric. Silks, satins, laces, and many others are all used to make the fine pieces of lingerie associated with European designers. Just like European fashion designers, European lingerie designers are known for their trendy, yet classical designs, and special pieces. Whether it is from France, Italy, or elsewhere, European lingerie is often sought after for its exotic, foreign appeal. A lot of European lingerie is imported elsewhere and sold in stores and boutiques. Sometimes people, who can afford to, travel to Europe to pick out their European lingerie pieces

  • Open Your Mind to Open Lingerie

    Tuesday 18th October 2005

    Open lingerie is a great way to spice up an evening, or to feel sexy under your clothes all day. There are many different types of open lingerie. There are bras with open cups, panties with open crotches, and teddies with open fronts. They come in a wide variety of fabrics like lace, silk, and satin, and many colors and styles. There is a piece of open lingerie for everyone. Although open lingerie is widely known for being worn in the bedroom, many enjoy wearing it under their clothes throughout the day to feel sexy and daring. Many people enjoy the airy feel of wearing an open lingerie bra under their blouse, or the feel of their clothing?s

  • Lingerie Costumes to Spice Things Up, Anytime

    Monday 17th October 2005

    Lingerie costumes are a unique way to spice up your Halloween, costume party, or bedroom. Costumes range from sweet and sensual, to daring and naughty, so there is something available for everyone. Lingerie costumes usually consist of all the elements of a traditional costume, shortened, spiced up, and made with shiny or extraordinary fabrics. Some lingerie costumes may be very revealing, and some may have just a touch of sexiness. You can find a style perfect for your tastes, and what you are comfortable with. You can find lingerie costumes for almost any holiday or theme. There are styles for Saint Patrick's Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, and just about any holiday you can think of. Halloween lingerie costumes

  • Costume Lingerie is No Longer Just for Halloween

    Sunday 16th October 2005

    For many years wearing a sexy costume lingerie outfit for Halloween has been very trendy, but wearing costume lingerie in the bedroom is becoming more and more popular. You can find a wide variety of costume lingerie in almost every theme or holiday style you can think of. You can find costumes in everything from Christmas, to Saint Patrick?s Day, to sultry school girl and naughty nurse. Uniform styles of costume lingerie are very popular for the bedroom. You can dress up as a firefighter, a cheerleader, a police officer, even a convict. Many people like the convict theme because of the handcuffs. There are also styles like fairies, princesses and pirates for a story book themed fantasy night. You

  • Wedding Lingerie For Fun and Function

    Monday 10th October 2005

    The words ?wedding night? certainly call up their own set of images. When that night comes, wedding lingerie is a way of ensuring that the image you painted in your mind comes true. Good wedding lingerie is the perfect article with which to end your perfect day. Wedding lingerie allows the bride to feel desirable, elegant and sexy. Once the ceremony and formalities are over, and once the band has stopped playing and the presents are loaded up. Wedding lingerie on the wedding night is what is left. Because wedding lingerie very likely will be worn for a long time before the wedding night, there are some criteria that it needs to fulfill. wedding lingerie should be practical, comfortable, and

  • What Makes Naughty Lingerie Naughty?

    Wednesday 28th September 2005

    While lingerie can be loosely defined as women?s underwear, naughty lingerie can be very difficult to clearly define. When does an undergarment stop being simply underwear and start being naughty lingerie? While it is difficult to define what naughty lingerie is, there are certain garments that obviously fall into the category and can at least give us an idea as to what naughty lingerie is exactly. On the most basic level, naughty lingerie is lingerie that is designed to stimulate others sexually. Most often, naughty lingerie is very revealing. One item that's most common and popular is the thong. Most people would say that the thong, although mainstreamed in recent years, is naughty lingerie because it reveals as much

  • Here Comes the Bridal Lingerie

    Thursday 15th September 2005

    All dressed in white, until the honeymoon that is. Being a bride means more than just having a ring on your finger. Marriage certainly isn?t the end of any bedroom fun, and marriage makes for some interesting additions. Wearing white has never been so seductive, or sexy for that matter. So the wedding is over and it is time for the honeymoon; the beach or the mountains, it doesn?t matter, you can look great. Your honeymoon attire may be as important as your wedding dress; after all it is spending time with the one you love. Ladies, this new intimate apparel is more than just a garter, it?s time to let him see what he has been missing. Attire for intimate

  • See Through Lingerie - Naughty or Nice

    Tuesday 13th September 2005

    Have you ever heard the old joke about a husband who goes to buy his wife some see through lingerie. ?Give me the most see through lingerie you have," he says. When he gets home and tells his wife to model it for him, she actually winds up wearing nothing. She assumes, and rightfully so, that her husband won?t even notice that she has nothing on. So he says, ?Wow, that?s the best $500 I ever spent.? Herein lies the difference between the thought process of men and women. For men, see through lingerie is a prelude to the main act. For women, the act of wearing see through lingerie can be a sensual experience in and of itself. (more...)

  • Seductive Lingerie Inside and Out

    Wednesday 7th September 2005

    Seductive lingerie can be used to describe any women?s undergarments that are worn more or less to look, feel, or be sexy. These titilating items come in many styles: they can be corsets, bustiers, leather, robes, bodystockings, see through bras or any number of revealing or sexually charged undergarments. Recently, seductive lingerie has hit many trends. Sensual lingerie trends include what and where it can and should be worn. Seductive lingerie used to be worn only under clothing or in the bedroom. Those days are gone. Now, women go into nightclubs wearing only a sexy camisole, which would certainly have once been considered only underwear in the past. In fact, certain provocative intimate apparel can be worn to restaurants,

  • Fine Lingerie, Not Just For The Bedroom

    Sunday 4th September 2005

    Fine lingerie is one of those phrases that is easy to throw around, but it is difficult to know exactly what fine lingerie is. It can, at its most basic level, be described as high end, well made, comfortable, and often expensive women?s undergarments. With that said, fine lingerie is worth the fuss and the cost. It is the secret to confidence and self-assuredness. Many models claim that fine lingerie is the secret to feeling confident from the inside. The thought is that it makes you feel sensuous and smart. Just because the public can?t see your intimate apparel, doesn?t mean that fine lingerie isn?t worth the investment. It is, if only for the affect it can have on

  • Lingerie, Naughty But Nice

    Saturday 3rd September 2005

    Naughty lingerie can be great when you are in the right mood. If you feel like doing roll playing, then lingerie such as naughty costumes can be perfect. Simply wanting to spice things up? Introducing naughty lingerie could be just the thing. It's fun and a great addition to any bedroom. Some people, men or women, may feel embarrassed about going into a naughty lingerie store to make purchases. A solution to this problem is shopping for naughty lingerie on line, especially if you're a voluptuous woman. There, you have a chance to look through the vast selection available to you without feeling self-conscious in a store at the mall. Naughty lingerie can be quite enjoyable for both partners. If

  • Wear Sheer Lingerie With Confidence

    Saturday 3rd September 2005

    Wearing lingerie is all about confidence, but wearing sheer lingerie takes a measure of extra boldness and self esteem. Sheer lingerie can really bare all, so you need to have a positive body image to pull it off. However, if you are new to the world of lingerie and intimate apparel and want a more subtle approach, there are certain styles of sheer lingerie that are not quite so revealing. Lingerie can be sheer or not (or somewhere in between) depending on fabric and personal preference. Teddies, baby dolls and negligees are all types of sheer lingerie that are on the bolder end of the spectrum. Corsets and merry widows are two another types of sheer lingerie that tends

  • Add a Little Spice with Some Exotic Lingerie

    Saturday 27th August 2005

    Exotic lingerie can definitely add a little spice to your romantic life. However, if the thought of even walking into a lingerie store sends you into a panic, you may be better off ordering your exotic lingerie from the privacy of your own home. There are numerous exotic lingerie sites that you can order from online, if your tastes run beyond the mundane. For example, offers a sampling of exotic lingerie from corsets and bustiers to robes, gowns and teddies. If you are looking for themed exotic lingerie or sensual accessories, you can find these here as well. Exotic lingerie does not have to have negative or embarrassing connotations. There?s nothing wrong with adding a little excitement into your

  • Bridal Lingerie Within the Bounds of Taste

    Thursday 25th August 2005

    Bridal lingerie can be a thoughtful gift, as long as you take care not to offend the sensibilities of the bride. If you are thinking of giving bridal lingerie as a wedding shower gift, you need to consider the personality of the bride in your selection. There is a wide variety of bridal lingerie available ranging in taste from edible panties to full length nightgowns. If you don?t know the bride all that well and want to give bridal lingerie as a gift, you should probably err on the side of caution. What you consider to be modest bridal lingerie, may be shockingly offensive to the bride. Some safe options for bridal lingerie include a garter belt, full length