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  • Create Cleavage

    Monday 6th February 2006

    Admit it. Cleavage is sexy. Not only that, it gives you a confidence boost like nothing else can. There are degrees of cleavage, you can show a subtle peek or knock 'em out with a full-on display. Here are a few tips to get your cleavage on: By twisting the fabric between the cups of your bra before slipping into it you can tweak it. That tweak pitches the cups toward each other which, voila, enhances cleavage. There are shirts and dresses that have shaping at the bust area just for your bustline. Look for tops with a seam just under the breasts and shirring between them. What that does is lift and push breasts together. To really enhance your cleavage,

  • Plus Size Women Are In

    Sunday 29th January 2006

    Out with the old, think Roseanne in the early 90?s, in with the new, think Queen Latifah, 2006. Plus size woman have a new attitude and confidence that?s causing retailers who used to ignore them to now trip over themselves just to style them. Just in America, there are 40 million women over size 14. That demographic spent $24 billion dollars on clothing. No more hiding in black. And the teen/young adult market is just heating up. Today?s plus sized woman wants the same thing her rail thin counterpart wants, fashion, style and comfort. Okay maybe not comfort, have you seen the heels on the latest pair of Manolo Blahniks? ?Nuff said. Footwear aside, she definitely wants to look good.

  • It?s Okay, Plus Size Is Here to Stay

    Thursday 13th October 2005

    Ladies love clothes, shopping, and good times, but above all clothes. It should come as no surprise to me that plus size women love clothes too. Ladies with curves are being daring and dangerous, but classy as well. As a result of this, plus size is in, and now ever so fashionable. All clothes are not created equal, but Ample Pleasure Plus Size Lingerie offers quality. We have even launched an online blog, which allows you to read our thoughts and opinions. You can use this to get style tips and the like, then you can show the world what a beautiful woman should look like. We aren?t talking maternity style, we are talking 100% sexy and natural woman. Attire

  • Plus Size Clothing - Finally Fashionable

    Sunday 9th October 2005

    People try to tell me thin is in, but I say what do they know? Women with curves are showing the world, that plus size clothing is okay. So ladies, get your groove on, and show them all what you are working with. Plus size clothing is certainly not a new idea, but the styles that Ample Pleasure carries are. Women are now showcasing their bodies in new and stylish ways, so it takes us by no surprise that curvaceous women feel the same way. Clothing doesn?t have to be modest, it can be daring and bold. Clothes are an outward representation of how you feel inside, so show the world that you are a proud, full figured woman.

  • Plus Size Clothes, No Longer a Fashion Don?t

    Tuesday 27th September 2005

    With society?s increasing acceptance of full figured women, the plus size clothes market is a booming one. Women?s plus size clothes have no real clear definition, but most plus size clothes work in sizes ranging from sizes 14 to 32. In that market, however we define plus size clothes, are stores that can supply the full figured woman with whatever plus size clothes she may desire. Before, when searching for plus size clothes, women were relegated to long baggy clothing that was designed to cover up and hide. Now, though, plus size clothes can be flamboyant, revealing, and sexy. Today, there are plus size clothes to fit every occasion and need. A woman of size can find jeans, sweaters, skirts, sundresses,

  • Calling All Plus Size Women

    Wednesday 14th September 2005

    Thin may be what we see on billboards, magazine ads, and television commercials; but it is plus size women that we see on the streets, at the store, and at our local watering hole. Many men are starting to find buxom, rounded figures attractive and sexy. Why, then, should curvaceous women not be dressing as sexy and confidently as their smaller counterparts. According to most plus size women?s clothing stores, plus size clothing is starting to get sexier to reflect this trend. Baggy is out, and plus size sun dresses, skirts, and lingerie are in. The plus size woman has curves and a full figure to show off, and the current trend in full figure attire accents these. Low cut camisoles

  • Plus Size Dresses ? Showing Off, Not Hiding

    Wednesday 7th September 2005

    Gradually, women of size and shape are beginning to demand good looking clothing. Plus size dresses, lingerie, swimwear, and workout clothing are becoming a big market. For the curvy woman, plus size dresses can give her the sexy comfortable feeling she deserves and craves. Full figure dresses designed with the same sense of fashion and beauty as smaller sized dresses allow plus sized women to feel sexy without trying to cram themselves into dresses that just don?t fit. Plus size dresses are no longer about hiding and camouflaging. Now, these dresses are more often for flattering and highlighting. Women of larger clothing sizes use plus size dresses to show off curves, while downplaying certain problem areas. These strategies have long

  • Putting Fashion into Plus Size

    Sunday 4th September 2005

    Where is the fashion? Nowadays it seems that the plus size community is being greatly overlooked in the fashion industry. Stores would rather offer cheap, and dare I say ugly, outfits. Fashion is compromised at the expense of the dollar, and the plus size woman loses. Fashion is what is in, not what is cheap. Ample Pleasure is one such beacon of hope in a world of fashion no no?s. Women of curves deserve the same fashions as everyone else. Being content is not the answer, make some noise ladies. We are counting your voices too, and the results are in. Plus size is sensual, attractive, and most of all enticing. Ample Pleasure is not your discount department store. We

  • Look and Feel Great on the Beach in Plus Size Swimwear

    Monday 29th August 2005

    Any woman will tell you that trying on a bathing suit isn?t exactly the most pleasant of experiences, but finding plus size swimwear can be an added challenge. Traditionally, the selection of plus size swimwear provided by mainstream retailers has been dismally sparse. However, with the increasing demand for plus size swimwear and clothing, the selection has increased substantially. In addition to limited availability, some problems with plus size swimwear have included dowdy styles, limited colors and unflattering fits. In the past, whatever plus size swimwear was available tended to be functional rather than flattering. Usually, women with curvier figures had to make do with whatever was on the racks. Fortunately, retailers are increasingly realizing that not every woman is a size

  • Shop for Plus Size Clothing Without Frustration

    Sunday 28th August 2005

    If you are a larger woman, you probably understand the frustration of finding attractive plus size clothing that fits well. However, with the increasing emphasis on body acceptance and the growing market for plus size clothing, finding an attractive ensemble is easier than ever. Plus size clothing retailers provide a line of regular clothing and, in addition, bras, slips, panties, robes, camisoles with the support necessary for fuller figures. With over 60 percent of the population wearing size 14 and above, it is no wonder that women are demanding plus size clothing that is both attractive and reasonably priced. If you are shopping for plus size clothing, it is probably best to go directly to a store that caters specifically to

  • What You Need To Become a Lingerie Model

    Saturday 27th August 2005

    To become a lingerie model, a firm well toned body is a definite must. To achieve that long and lean look, a regular program of exercise is required. Agencies look for different physiques for different types of modeling. For a lingerie model, a leggier, leaner physique is preferred to counterbalance some of the longer, flowing styles displayed on the runway and in print. For petite or plus size lines, a lingerie model can deviate from the market norm, but long and leggy is the standard ideal. A lingerie model may choose to work out with a personal trainer to achieve the desired physique. For a lingerie model, impeccable musculature and near perfect tone is required due to the amount of skin exposed.