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  • Hot trend: Corsets

    Thursday 9th March 2006

    If you are like me, your knowledge of a corset is some brutal device forced upon women in ye olden days, or a memory of Kate Winslet?s mom in Titanic painfully strapping her into one. Ouch! But in recent years, the corset has slowly lost its death grip on our mid sections and has become the hottest trend. You can find all the hippest stars sporting them, from Jessica Simpson to Beyonce. It?s quite easy to incorporate it into your style. During the day, layer one under your jacket or favorite v-neck sweater. Or at night wear one with a slim fitting skirt. Don?t forget to jazz it up with some fabulous accessories like jewelry and purse. Think you have what

  • Plus Lingerie, No Longer Your Granny?s Panties

    Thursday 1st December 2005

    Granny panties and muumuus are no longer the mainstay of plus lingerie. The world of lingerie has opened up to voluptuous women who want to celebrate their curves. Plus lingerie has styles for every taste, simple, sensual, medium, wild and adventurous. Women of every size and shape should feel their sexiest, and most confident in their lingerie. All over the world, there are designers that specialize in plus lingerie. Panties, nightgowns, even sexy chemises and bustiers are available now to larger women. And, plus lingerie is available in the same luxurious fabrics and colors and their smaller counterparts. The laces, bows, and elaborate decorations seen on designer lingerie are now prominent in plus lingerie. Nightgowns and pajamas are very

  • How to Choose a Plus Size Bra

    Monday 21st November 2005

    Buying a new bra is always a headache, for women of any size, but for a plus size woman it may be a little harder if you don?t know how to properly find one. A plus size bra is made for a plus size body, so they are they best fit, looking specifically for a plus size bra when you shop will be a big help. Know your correct size before you go; many women don?t know their proper size, which makes for a bad fit, and an uncomfortable bra. The bottom band should be snug, but not tight, when fastened on the middle set of hooks. The shoulder straps should lie comfortably on your shoulders, and not dig in, or

  • Find a Sexy Confident You in Classy Lingerie

    Sunday 6th November 2005

    There is nothing like classy lingerie to make you feel special, confident, and sexy. Classy lingerie doesn?t mean boring lingerie; you can find many pieces that look stylish, but still remain demure and refined. You can choose from a wide variety of classy lingerie. An elegant matching bra and panty set, or slip under your clothes is sure to make you feel great all day. Wrapping yourself up in a smooth silky robe after a bath or shower will relax you, and slipping into a comfy set of pajamas will send you off to dreamland calm and soothed. No matter what your style is, there is classy lingerie to fit it. You can find pieces in almost every color, pattern,

  • Feeling the Power of Full Figure Lingerie

    Tuesday 11th October 2005

    The new trend is in, full figured women. Ladies with curves are bold, beautiful, and sexy. People are trying to catch on and make apparel that plus size women will wear. Ample Pleasure believes that voluptuous women deserve lingerie too. It should not be limited to those who are paper thin and without shape. Every woman has a right to intimacy, and your sex appeal has no boundaries. An active social life should also have a healthy intimate life to balance things out. You are comfortable in your clothes, so now be comfortable in lingerie. From the curve in your hips, to the arch in your feet, you are all women, and that is what lingerie accents. The beauty

  • The Idiot?s Guide to Women?s Lingerie

    Friday 30th September 2005

    For some guys, entering the world of women?s lingerie can be a baffling experience. First, you have to figure out size, then color and fabric. Then, you have to figure out what your partner is actually going to like, not to mention what will actually look good on her. With the cornucopia of women?s lingerie available, it can be difficult to make the right choice. First of all, women?s lingerie can include more than the traditional naughty items like garter belts, corsets and edible panties. Hosiery and slips can also be considered under the category of women?s lingerie. In fact, women?s lingerie can encompass all categories of intimate apparel. However, since pantyhose is a decidedly unromantic gift, you might

  • Full Figure Lingerie For a Full and Happy Life

    Monday 26th September 2005

    There are more than 66 million women in North America that are considered to be plus sized or full figured. These women are a growing group who demand sexy full figure lingerie. Why not? This growth is not just due to expanding North American waistlines, but also bust lines. Full figure lingerie is the only way for a woman with full curves to feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. Curves are sexy, and full figure lingerie is a way to show those off in an intimate way. With millions of plus sized women in North America, there is a growing need for full figure lingerie in a mainstream way. Full figure lingerie can refer to any number

  • Baby Doll Lingerie - It?s Okay To Still Play With Dolls

    Monday 12th September 2005

    One intimate apparel style that can really add spice to your wardrobe is baby doll lingerie. Baby doll lingerie generally has a form-fitting upper bodice that leads down into a flaring skirt. Intimate apparel of this style is perfect for curvaceous women who are small on top and have robust hips. Most baby doll lingerie comes with matching panty or thong. Some even have matching robes. As they are hot on the market, these comfortable lingerie pieces are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. For the bride on her big day, baby doll lingerie comes in bridal styles. One popular style of baby doll lingerie for brides offers sequin and pearl decoration on the cleavage. This

  • Intimate Apparel For Your Body and Your Mind

    Tuesday 6th September 2005

    Intimate apparel is as important to a woman?s wardrobe as just about anything else. It is also known as foundation wear because it is the basis of a great outfit. Intimate apparel is about the way you feel, the way you act, and how you carry yourself. The right intimate apparel will make you feel pampered and sensuous. Finding the right undergarments can make a woman feel more beautiful and confident. Intimate apparel is what is closest to you, and how it feels on you is how you feel. Many women know this, and that is why the lingerie industry is on the rise. It doesn?t matter if anyone at all sees undergarments, it?s important for you to know

  • Pajamas Are A Wonderful Gift, But a Tough Purchase

    Monday 5th September 2005

    Pajamas are a part of many of our lives from the time we can first remember going to bed. Matching sleepwear with our favorite cartoon characters were our bedtime attire as toddlers, footed pajamas kept our feet warm in winter, and even as adults we often throw on our pajamas before settling in for a long winter?s nap. However, sleepwear is increasingly becoming a form of sexy attire, specifically, pajamas that men are buying their women. Sexy sleepwear can describe anything from silky feminine chemise to a lace cami set. No matter the type, they are increasingly big business as gifts for women. There are things men should be aware of when buying their wives or girlfriends pajamas. Most

  • Show Off Your Curves With Plus Size Lingerie

    Friday 2nd September 2005

    You are what you are, and you should be proud of that! When it comes to lingerie that should be no exception. Lingerie is nothing new, and neither are women of the plus size. You love your body, you have an active social life, and you are comfortable with your body. The lingerie at Ample Pleasure is perfect for you! This is because we specialize in meeting the needs of the plus size woman. Being a woman of curves, plus size lingerie can enhance and glorify every-single-one of those curves. Where most would overlook the plus sizes in the lingerie department, we pride ourselves in the fact that plus size women are beautiful, sexy, and sophisticated. These are

  • Feel Sexy and Sultry with Intimate Apparel

    Wednesday 31st August 2005

    With so many choices in clothing and under garments these days, it seems that many of us are getting lost in the shuffle. Most of us have lost sight of what we feel comfortable in, and instead go with what we are told to wear. This seems to also be the case with various styles of intimate apparel, but we are breaking the mold. It is time to show off those curves in striking detail. Ample Pleasure is here to break down all of your bedroom boundaries. We know a lot about intimate apparel. We know what looks good, and how to convey that sexy body, which in your case, is ever so beautiful. Variety, style, and

  • Plus Size Lingerie is a Plus for Larger Women

    Sunday 28th August 2005

    It used to be that if you were larger than a size 6, plus size lingerie was nowhere to be found. Now, with the emphasis on health and body consciousness, manufacturers are beginning to recognize that the market for plus size lingerie is quickly growing. Plus size lingerie is increasingly available in major retail outlets and in stores catering to larger women. Manufacturers of plus size lingerie are focusing on providing comfortable plus size lingerie that flatters women with curvier shapes. Plus size lingerie is now available in the same styles and fabrics as mainstream intimate apparel. provides a line of plus size lingerie that includes bras, panties, babydolls, camisoles and robes available in sizes 1X through 6X.

  • Lingerie for Everyday

    Saturday 27th August 2005

    Let?s face it. A little lingerie can do wonders for your confidence, even if nobody is going to see it but you! Besides, how sexy can you feel wearing grandma?s cotton underwear? Lingerie is all about adding a little fun and excitement into your daily routine, without sacrificing comfort. In the past, the common perception about lingerie has been that it?s all about pleasing your man. So, while women struggle to fit themselves into twisted creations and tortured contraptions, the men can simply sit back and enjoy the show. However, lingerie companies are now creating lingerie that resonates with women. Today?s lingerie is comfortable, sexy and easy to wear. Whether your lingerie is silk, satin, lace or even cotton,