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  • DIY Spa Treatments - Scrubs

    Friday 10th March 2006

    Last Friday kicked off the Do It Yourself at home spa recipes for facials and masks. Here's a scrub to try this weeked: This sea salt body rub cleanses and polishes skin. The high mineral content nourishes the body, leaving it toned, tightened, refreshed and luminous. Sea Salt Scrub 2 cups unbleached sea salt 2 tablespoons dried, chopped orange peel 3 drops essential oil of ginger 2 drops essential oil of cedarwood Mix ingredients together. During bath or shower, gently rub sea salts over the skin. Massage with a loofah or soft sisal or fabric buffer. After bathing apply a light natural body moisturizer. Next Friday: Lotions

  • Hot trend: Corsets

    Thursday 9th March 2006

    If you are like me, your knowledge of a corset is some brutal device forced upon women in ye olden days, or a memory of Kate Winslet?s mom in Titanic painfully strapping her into one. Ouch! But in recent years, the corset has slowly lost its death grip on our mid sections and has become the hottest trend. You can find all the hippest stars sporting them, from Jessica Simpson to Beyonce. It?s quite easy to incorporate it into your style. During the day, layer one under your jacket or favorite v-neck sweater. Or at night wear one with a slim fitting skirt. Don?t forget to jazz it up with some fabulous accessories like jewelry and purse. Think you have what

  • DIY Spa Treatments - Facials & Masks

    Saturday 4th March 2006

    As most of the country continues to dig itself out of the winter snow or is bombarded with rain, for the next few Fridays I?ll share some home made recipes you can use to bring the spa home each weekend. These recipes are fun to make and many ingredients are right in your own pantry or fridge. This week, a mask and a facial. Enjoy! Banana and Honey Mask 1/2 mashed banana 1/4 cup oatmeal, cooked with milk 1 egg 1/2 tablespoon honey Mix ingredients together. Massage onto face in a slow, circular motion and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with tepid water. This mask is good for both sensitive and dry complexions: oatmeal is high in nourishing vitamins and minerals,

  • Finding the Perfect Bra

    Monday 27th February 2006

    A perfectly fitted bra gives you maximum comfort and helps you look stylish best. But where does one begin? Especially when you have to choose between so many sizes, shapes and colors, it makes sense that? you?ll feel overwhelmed. Heck, even Oprah dedicated an entire show to finding a bra that fits. So here are some quick tips to help you in your quest: First thing you need to do is measure yourself with your bra on tightly around the top of the rib cage just beneath the bust. If it's an odd number of inches, add 5 to find your bra size; if it's even, add 4 (so if you measure

  • Just think it

    Monday 27th February 2006

    As we wrap up February, let?s look back on the last four weeks of our building our self-esteem project. First we explored what Confidence conisted of, then we gave you steps to improve your posture and finally last week we showed the importance of taking time for you. Our final post in this month long series, and don?t worry we?ll continue to give you self-esteem boosting tips in coming months, is to leave you with the following thoughts. Your self esteem is based on your value and appreciation of yourself. It comes naturally for most folks, but most of us need to work at it. It?s easy to get caught up in the negative talk and comparsion, but just

  • Take time for you

    Tuesday 21st February 2006

    After a week of walking tall, let?s discuss feeling good about yourself. It?s easier said than done, but not impossible to do. First thing, you need to develop a positive outlook about yourself. How do you do that? You make a list of all the things you like most about yourself. Are you good with children? A natural with pets? A good listener? Then start turning the negative talk into positive talk. Your hips that may usually bug you, choose to see them as the luscious curves. Do you shirk you shoulder to hide your fabulous boobs? Think of how many woman pay for surgery to have what you naturally have. Reframe how you view what you perceive to be

  • Stand Tall

    Tuesday 14th February 2006

    Now that you have a memory of yourself, this week let?s talk about something that is more physical than emotional, but has a direct impact on your confidence as it relates to how other see and relate to you: your posture. People who stand tall ooze confidence! Not only will you seem more confident, you can make yourself appear several pounds lighter as well as help relieve tension in your body. Here?s how to strike your own posture perfect stance: Stand with your feet hip-width apart Starting from your pelvis, pull your tummy muscles in and up towards your chest Give your shoulders a good shrug to help relieve tension, then gently roll your shoulders back Imagine that your neck is lengthening, but keep

  • Valentine’s Day Trivia

    Monday 13th February 2006

    Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a bit of love trivia for Valentine's day. Valentine's Day is the second biggest holiday for greeting card sales. Women lead the way in Valentine's purchases at 85%. The first commercial Valentine's Day greeting cards produced in the U.S. were created in the 1840s by Esther A. Howland. More than half of Valentine's day cards, almost 60%, are purchased within 6 days of the holiday. Makes for tons of last minute shopping. 2.2 million marriages take place in the U.S annually. About 6000 a day. Nevada is number 4 in the U.S. for the most weddings. California is number 1. 25.3 is the median age at first marriage for women. 27.1 is the median age for men. In 2003, there were roughly 4.6 million cohabitating

  • Build Your Self Esteem

    Sunday 5th February 2006

    Last week we talked about carrying yourself with confidence. Today we?ll highlight some steps to make that happen. Have you ever been out and spotted a woman your size, or larger, and she is wearing the trendiest outfit ever. Without even flinching, she?s showing off body parts most of us keep hidden. You wonder, not only how she can do it, how on earth is she pulling it off? One word: Confidence. When it comes to women like that, you don?t see the number on the scale or the extra roll on the side that mainstream media insists should be hollowed out. What you see instead is a woman who is completely comfortable with herself and because she has no issues with

  • After Holiday Sale

    Monday 2nd January 2006

    We at Ample Pleasure Lingerie hope that all of you had a lovely Christmas and received plenty of goodies! Now that the hustle and bustle of the season is over you can take some time to pamper yourself. What better way to rejuvenate than buying some luxury underwear for yourself? Every woman needs to feel sexy and lingerie is the key. Whether it?s lace, or silk, there is lingerie out there that will help to make you feel as sexy as you look. To help you with the quest for that luxurious, sensual lingerie, we are holding an After Holiday Sale until January 6th, 2006. Have fun, and come back to see what we have in store at the Ample

  • Merry Christmas

    Friday 23rd December 2005

    To all of our customers and friends at Ample Pleasure, we extend best wishes for the holiday season and a hearty Merry Christmas.

  • Lingerie Stores Online, The Easy Way to Shop

    Tuesday 29th November 2005

    You can find almost anything online. You can even shop your favorite lingerie stores online. There are many national brand stores online, as well as a variety of smaller stores. Some stores sell every type of lingerie you can think of, but some of the small lingerie stores online only sell a select type or style of lingerie. There are entire online stores devoted to panties, some to nighttime apparel, some to costumes, and some to specific fabrics like lace, or satin. Shopping with lingerie stores online can help you save time. Many times when you shop a lingerie store online you can do a search to help you find what you are looking for, whether it is a specific item, or

  • Today’s Large Size Lingerie, Sensual and Stylish

    Monday 28th November 2005

    Long gone are the days of granny panties and muumuus for large size lingerie options. Large size lingerie has styles for every taste, so today's plus sized women have just as many options as their smaller counterparts. Women of every size and shape deserve to feel sexy, exotic, and confident. There are many designers all over the world that specialize in large size lingerie. Everything from panties, to nightgowns, to sexy chemises and bustiers are available. Large size lingerie is available in many luxurious fabrics and colors also. Panties are not just plain anymore either. Many designers offer hot cuts in a larger size. Thongs, high-cut bikinis, and g-strings are not uncommon. Large size panties also come in more

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Thursday 24th November 2005

    Today is a special day to share your gratitude with family and friends. We hope that you enjoy a wonderful celebration of thanks for everyone and everything in your life today and everyday. The owners and staff would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You on this Thanksgiving Day.

  • What Exactly is In a Lingerie Store?

    Wednesday 9th November 2005

    Many people are afraid to venture into a lingerie store. They are afraid they will be filled with sleazy, over sexed lingerie, and they will be embarrassed, and out of place. But, that is just not true, lingerie stores are filled with classy, sensual, beneficial pieces, made for everyday wear, special occasions, and special nights. In a lingerie store you are more likely to see more panties, bras, and slips than teddies and garters. Buying your everyday lingerie in a lingerie store is a great way to find something to make everyday special, and to have something under your clothes that makes you feel sexy and confident all day. Finding a nice sensual nightgown or robe in a lingerie store is a

  • How to Shop a Lingerie Store Online

    Thursday 20th October 2005

    You can find almost any item imaginable online these days. You can even shop for lingerie online. There are many national brand stores online, as well as a variety of different smaller boutique-type stores. You can begin your shopping trip three ways. If you know which lingerie store online you want to shop at, go to their site. If you do not know the web address of their site, you can search for them at a search engine site. If you do not know what store you want to shop at, but know what you are looking for, you can type that item, or type of items into a search engine and find a lingerie store online to find your item.

  • Plus Size Models are Changing the World

    Wednesday 19th October 2005

    Plus size lingerie models are changing the way the world sees plus size women. A plus size lingerie model is size twelve and above, the sizes of most real women. Since about a quarter of all the money spent on clothing is spent by full figure women, the world of plus size modeling is quickly growing. Plus size lingerie models are proud of their luscious curves, and aren?t afraid of the world seeing them. They embrace their bodies, and have a much healthier body image and self worth than many women that strive for a smaller figure. They show the world their love for themselves and their figure, and other women see that, and it gives them better feelings of themselves.

  • How to find Lingerie in a Plus Size

    Wednesday 12th October 2005

    Nowadays, it is much easier to find lingerie in a plus size than it was even just a few years ago. While there are still stores completely dedicated to only selling plus sized clothing, and lingerie in a plus size, you can also find lingerie in a plus size in many other places. More and more lingerie stores and boutiques are carrying lingerie in a plus size regularly. Just look around, it may be in the back of the store, or mixed in with the other sizes. If you can not find the size you are looking for, ask a sales associate if their store had that particular item of lingerie in a plus size. Many times a store will

  • To Shop or Not To Shop, Online That Is

    Thursday 29th September 2005

    Lingerie stores have come along way from seemingly sleazy holes in the wall. Now class and refinement have found this intimate apparel and new life is coming into old ideas. The lingerie store has found a new outlet, the Internet. Times are changing and classy lingerie is now available to the masses no matter where you are. Shopping online is not brand new, but is becoming more and more common. You may be worried about shopping online if you have never done it before, but it really is quite simple. Ample Pleasure has a site that is set up for simplicity and ease of use. What truly sets us apart is the user friendly aspect of the site. Pictures,

  • Lingerie Gallery Another Type of Art Gallery

    Friday 16th September 2005

    Lingerie galleries are the perfect way for men and women of any size to see what is out there in terms of intimate apparel and sexy undergarments. At a good, live lingerie gallery, visitors have a chance to see models show off sexy women?s clothing. The experience can be simultaneously inspiring, sexy, and educational. A lingerie gallery may be live, print, or online. A live exhibit will include models walking in front of the audience, modeling and showing off sexy intimate attire. On the other hand, a lingerie gallery may also be in print. A magazine that features models posing and showing off underwear, club wear, and nightgowns. Such a series of pictures would certainly be considered a print lingerie

  • Save, but Beware With Discount Lingerie

    Tuesday 6th September 2005

    Discount lingerie, while able to save you money, can be a tough market to navigate. Is the discount lingerie actually less expensive? Just because it says it is does that mean it?s really cheaper than the other stores? The truth is that it can be difficult, but there are things you should know so that when you shop for any items at a lower cost you can actually get the best prices available to you. For one, beware of wholesale claims on available merchandise. It is very unlikely that their discount lingerie is being sold at wholesale. To buy discount lingerie, or any merchandise for that matter, at wholesale you need to have a business license. The manufacturer is the

  • Lingerie Shopping a Guide

    Monday 5th September 2005

    Lingerie shopping can be the perfect way for a man to make his woman feel good. No matter her size or shape, if you make a trip lingerie shopping and come back with something nice for her you can make her feel sexy and more like a woman. Lingerie shopping, though, can be difficult. When you go out shopping for your wife or girlfriend, you will first need to figure out what you are getting her. There is no lingerie shopping guide in the world that can help you with that. Figure out what she likes, what you like her in, and with that in mind go out on your expedition. Besides what you will get her, the next piece of

  • Lingerie Isn?t Just for the French

    Wednesday 31st August 2005

    Okay ladies are we ready to get him saying oo la la? Lingerie is in because it gets you out. No more conformity, just the ample pleasure you and your partner deserve. Let your sex life be just as bold and outgoing as your social life. Lingerie can allow you to become the vixen that is inside. Perhaps you have never tried lingerie before. Ample Pleasure is your one stop shop for all your lingerie needs. In the past lingerie held a much less erotic role. Today, eroticism is very much alive and well. Our lingerie has is both classy and tantilizing. We combine the old, tradition and luxury, with the new, sass and sensuality. This combination of the

  • Lingerie Shopping at Ample Pleasure

    Monday 29th August 2005

    It?s that time again. Time to get out in the hustle and bustle that we call shopping. Never seems to end, and boy does it seem time consuming. Then when we get there, the fight is on to find that elusive item (in our case plus size lingerie) that probably isn?t even there. Ample Pleasure is not all about the fight and hassle of lingerie shopping, instead, as our name infers, we are all about the pleasure. Every woman holds her time precious, and why should the hassle of lingerie shopping take away from those precious intimate moments in the bedroom? Lingerie is supposed to let you enjoy your free time with your partner, not consume it. We understand women