Plus Size Fashion: Shop for Plus Size Clothing Without Frustration

Sunday 28th August 2005

If you are a larger woman, you probably understand the frustration of finding attractive plus size clothing that fits well. However, with the increasing emphasis on body acceptance and the growing market for plus size clothing, finding an attractive ensemble is easier than ever. Plus size clothing retailers provide a line of regular clothing and, in addition, bras, slips, panties, robes, camisoles with the support necessary for fuller figures. With over 60 percent of the population wearing size 14 and above, it is no wonder that women are demanding plus size clothing that is both attractive and reasonably priced.

If you are shopping for plus size clothing, it is probably best to go directly to a store that caters specifically to plus size women. Designers who specialize in plus size clothing understand how to flatter curvier figures. For mainstream designers, plus size clothing is an afterthought, although some designers do offer a full line in addition to their regular collection. For example, Cold Water Creek offers a supplementary line of plus size clothing in addition to their regular line. However, for the largest range and variety in plus size clothing, it is best to go directly to the proverbial source.

Retailers like Ample Pleasure Plus Size Lingerie espouse the philosophy that plus size clothing is not meant to cover a fuller figure, but enhance it. Boxy shapes and dowdy fabrics are a thing of the past. Today?s plus size clothing is vibrant, attractive and easy to wear.

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