General: Finding the Perfect Bra

Monday 27th February 2006

A perfectly fitted bra gives you maximum comfort and helps you look stylish best. But where does one begin? Especially when you have to choose between so many sizes, shapes and colors, it makes sense that? you?ll feel overwhelmed. Heck, even Oprah dedicated an entire show to finding a bra that fits. So here are some quick tips to help you in your quest:

  • First thing you need to do is measure yourself with your bra on tightly
    around the top of the rib cage just beneath the bust. If it’s an odd number
    of inches, add 5 to find your bra size; if it’s even, add 4 (so if you measure
    31, your bra size is 36).

    To figure out your cup size, measure around yourself again, but this time
    place the tape measure loosely over the fullest part of the breast. Subtract
    the first measurement from the second. A 1-inch difference is an A cup; 2-inch
    difference = B cup; 3 = C; 4 = D; 5 = DD; and 6 = DDD or E.

  • Cups should hug your breasts and be full while hugging the outer edges
    of the breast. If your breasts spill out from the sides or over the top of
    the cups, you may need a larger cup size or a cup with more coverage on the
    sides or top.
  • The straps should not fall down nor cut into your skin. If they fall down,
    your breasts may not be filling out the top of the cups and you should go
    down a cup size. If they leave a mark, you may need a more supportive bra.

Some style tips:

  • Smooth, silky bras look best under all fabrics.
  • Match bras to your skin tone, not to the color of the shirt you’re wearing.
  • And even if your weight doesn’t change, get fitted every year.

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