Plus Size Fashion: What You Need To Become a Lingerie Model

Saturday 27th August 2005

To become a lingerie model, a firm well toned body is a definite must. To achieve that long and lean look, a regular program of exercise is required.

Agencies look for different physiques for different types of modeling. For a lingerie model, a leggier, leaner physique is preferred to counterbalance some of the longer, flowing styles displayed on the runway and in print. For petite or plus size lines, a lingerie model can deviate from the market norm, but long and leggy is the standard ideal.

A lingerie model may choose to work out with a personal trainer to achieve the desired physique. For a lingerie model, impeccable musculature and near perfect tone is required due to the amount of skin exposed. Minor figure flaws that might otherwise be masked would definitely be visible in a skimpier ensemble. For this reason, it is recommended that those who want to be a lingerie model follow a program of strength training and aerobic exercise.

There are two main approaches to finding work as a lingerie model on the runway, in print ads or in catalogues. You can either sign up with an agency or become a freelance lingerie model. To become a freelance lingerie model, you will need the following: a portfolio, a composite headshot and, preferably, your own website. To work with an agency as a lingerie model, you will need a portfolio containing a composite headshot and several body shots showcasing your form and figure. The agency then registers you and places your portfolio on file, so that photographers looking for a lingerie model can find you.

Becoming a lingerie model is well paying and lucrative work, but requires hard work and dedication to achieve this goal.

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