Plus Size Fashion: Create Cleavage

Monday 6th February 2006

Admit it. Cleavage is sexy. Not only that, it gives you a confidence boost like nothing else can. There are degrees of cleavage, you can show a subtle peek or knock ‘em out with a full-on display.

Here are a few tips to get your cleavage on:

  • By twisting the fabric between the cups of your bra before slipping into it you can tweak it. That tweak pitches the cups toward each other which, voila, enhances cleavage.
  • There are shirts and dresses that have shaping at the bust area just for your bustline. Look for tops with a seam just under the breasts and shirring between them. What that does is lift and push breasts together.
  • To really enhance your cleavage, go the makeup route. Sweep a line of bronzer between breasts to create a shadow (the shadow that naturally occurs when you have cleavage). Be sure to blend so bronzer is nearly unnoticeable.
  • Or do what most of us do, buy a sexy bustier and call it a day.

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