Plus Size Fashion: Plus Size Women Are In

Sunday 29th January 2006

Out with the old, think Roseanne in the early 90?s, in with the new, think Queen Latifah, 2006. Plus size women have a new attitude and confidence that?s causing retailers who used to ignore them to now trip over themselves just to style them.

Just in America, there are 40 million women over size 14. That demographic spent $24 billion dollars on clothing. No more hiding in black. And the teen/young adult market is just heating up.

Today?s plus sized woman wants the same thing her rail thin counterpart wants, fashion, style and comfort. Okay maybe not comfort, have you seen the heels on the latest pair of Manolo Blahniks? ?Nuff said. Footwear aside, she definitely wants to look good.

No one in the mainstream does it better than Queen Latifah. Not only does she command respect by carrying herself well, she knows what works for her body and how to wear it. She is one of the few stars that?s been able to transcend the thin obsessed media.

To get to that point of confidence, you must have two things, going for you, acceptance of your body just as it is, and knowledge on how to look your best. Here are a few tips on finding clothes that fit you well. In coming weeks we?ll continue the discussion on total body acceptance.

  • One-piece dresses look sleeker than separates. Look for stretch fabrics and well-placed darts to help the fit. If you do separates, remember the brightest or lightest color or print “pops” and accents whatever it’s on. A good way to balance out a top heavy figure: zebra skirt with black turtleneck.
  • Don’t be afraid of sleeveless garments! It’s very flattering to show a little skin. If you don’t feel comfortable with your upper arms, drape a beautiful, sheer shawl around your shoulders or pop on a shrug.
  • The worst thing a woman can do is cover up head to toe. Pick your best asset, maybe shapely legs or a curvy bust. Flaunt it! Wear V-necks for your bust or shorter skirts for your legs.
  • Use the tight-loose rule of dressing in separates. For example, you can wear a fitted camisole under a looser top or a slim pair of pants under an easy, long jacket. All baggy is a sure-fire way to tell the world you hate your body.


As a budding fashionista, what’s your secret to working your look?

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