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Sunday 9th October 2005

People try to tell me thin is in, but I say what do they know? Women with curves are showing the world, that plus size clothing is okay. So ladies, get your groove on, and show them all what you are working with.

Plus size clothing is certainly not a new idea, but the styles that Ample Pleasure carries are. Women are now showcasing their bodies in new and stylish ways, so it takes us by no surprise that curvaceous women feel the same way. Clothing doesn?t have to be modest, it can be daring and bold. Clothes are an outward representation of how you feel inside, so show the world that you are a proud, full figured woman.

Having an active social life means having clothes that can keep pace, but at the same time showcase your body and all its strong points. With all this still in mind, the clothes need to be fashionable, and not look like something that came off the maternity sales rack. These outfits should be where boldness meets fashion, and you meet the world.

Garments can and should be something that you feel comfortable in. Comfort is key, because if you’re not comfortable why wear it? We at Ample Pleasure Plus Size Lingerie understand such issues and, as a result, strive to make lingerie comfortable, without sacrificing beauty. But remember, you are a sexy woman, so you complete the outfit, not the other way around.

Class, sophistication, and so much more, that is what plus size clothing should be about. We offer lingerie that fits the bill, and can help you look your best in sensuous plus size lingerie. Classy clothes are not just for skinny women, so ladies stand up, and let your voices be heard, and your bodies be seen.

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  1. EL Hutchison


    I came across this article and thought that it would be perfect for my ezine and would like to use it in the October edition of THE ROMANTIC MUSE do you mind? I think my readers would love this article. Thanks.

    EL Hutchison

    Comment left on October 10, 2005 @ 8:31 pm

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