Plus Size Fashion: Calling All Plus Size Women

Wednesday 14th September 2005

Thin may be what we see on billboards, magazine ads, and television commercials; but it is plus size women that we see on the streets, at the store, and at our local watering hole. Many men are starting to find buxom, rounded figures attractive and sexy. Why, then, should curvaceous women not be dressing as sexy and confidently as their smaller counterparts.

According to most plus size women?s clothing stores, plus size clothing is starting to get sexier to reflect this trend. Baggy is out, and plus size sun dresses, skirts, and lingerie are in. The plus size woman has curves and a full figure to show off, and the current trend in full figure attire accents these. Low cut camisoles under fitted jackets are now used so that bosomy women can play up cleavage, while sleek pants show off womanly curves.

In addition to day to day clothing, plus size lingerie is gaining popularity. In showing off voluptuous, sexy curves while de-emphasizing more troubling areas, the sensuality of the plus size woman is emphasized. Such plus size sexy lingerie can give the full figure woman the confidence to be sexy.

As the world begins to accept the plus size woman more and more, the market place reflects her right to look good. Gone are the days of plus size clothing in the back of the store in a dark corner, and here are the days of the plus size clothing store, the plus size lingerie store, and the plus size clothing websites.

Ample Pleasure specializes in plus size lingerie. The store began as the owner’s wife needed lingerie for their honeymoon and could not find any. From that need, this site was born. We believe in pampering voluptuous, curvaceous women while helping them find the right style and fit for any intimate ocassion.

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