Special Occasion Lingerie: See Through Lingerie - Naughty or Nice

Tuesday 13th September 2005

Plus Size Lingerie - Flirty Chiffon and Ostrich Feather Baby Doll

Have you ever heard the old joke about a husband who goes to buy his wife some see through lingerie. ?Give me the most see through lingerie you have,” he says. When he gets home and tells his wife to model it for him, she actually winds up wearing nothing. She assumes, and rightfully so, that her husband won?t even notice that she has nothing on. So he says, ?Wow, that?s the best $500 I ever spent.? Herein lies the difference between the thought process of men and women. For men, see through lingerie is a prelude to the main act. For women, the act of wearing see through lingerie can be a sensual experience in and of itself.

See through lingerie can be naughty or nice depending on the style and preference of the wearer. For men, the more revealing the see through lingerie is, the better. Although, to be fair, men occasionally do exhibit some modicum of taste. For women, see through lingerie can be a nice change from the ordinary, but sometimes a more subtle approach is preferred. There are several different kinds of see through lingerie to choose from ranging from crotch less panties to sheer teddies, baby dolls and full length nightgowns. To satisfy your partner?s penchant for see through lingerie, you can always compromise and settle for lingerie that is partially see through.

See through lingerie takes a bit of boldness and confidence to carry off, but it can be worth it to add a little spice to your romantic life. For some, wearing see through lingerie means stepping outside the bounds of their comfort zone. However, if occasionally wearing sheer intimate apparel means a little extra romance and passion in your life, why not give it a try?

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