Plus Size Fashion: Putting Fashion into Plus Size

Sunday 4th September 2005

Where is the fashion? Nowadays it seems that the plus size community is being greatly overlooked in the fashion industry. Stores would rather offer cheap, and dare I say ugly, outfits. Fashion is compromised at the expense of the dollar, and the plus size woman loses.

Fashion is what is in, not what is cheap. Ample Pleasure is one such beacon of hope in a world of fashion no no?s. Women of curves deserve the same fashions as everyone else. Being content is not the answer, make some noise ladies. We are counting your voices too, and the results are in. Plus size is sensual, attractive, and most of all enticing.

Ample Pleasure is not your discount department store. We specialize in one thing, and that is assisting the plus size community with all their lingerie needs. You want the latest trends, and we are here to deliver. As a reputable dealer in plus size fashion, we know what is in.

Choice, style, and fashion, that is what the majority of people want. It is understood that you want this too, and Italy is not the only place to find something that looks good. Just look right here at home, just like you, our outfits are divine.

Whether at the party, commuting, or in the bedroom, fashion is key. Women know they are sexy, and our lingerie a welcome addition to showcase the body you love to show off. When you walk down the street, your clothes should command the same respect you do, when you are in the bedroom, your lingerie should entice in the same way you do.

Don?t sacrifice fashion just because you are curvaceous. Embrace your body, do something that makes you feel proud. When you walk by a group of people in your new outfit, make them wish they were you. In all that you do, be fashionable.

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